The Children's Illustrated Bible

This beautiful illustrated edition of the Bible has been created especially for children. Stories from the Old and New Testament are brought together in the pages of this stunning book, showcased within an attractive presentation box.

The Children's Illustrated Bible chronicles the life and times of Jesus in detail, using decorative illustrations to help younger readers understand the beliefs and stories at the heart of Christianity. From the peak of Mount Sinai to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the lands and locations in the Bible are shown clearly on maps, while supporting photographs give children a modern context for this historic book. Traditional religious works are rarely suitable for younger readers, but The Children's Illustrated Bible features the most accessible illustrations and text to be enjoyed by everyone.

This is the perfect gift for Easter, Christmas, or Bible study, but can just as easily be shared by children, parents, and families as a series of stories.
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EAN 9781405308281
Dostępność Magazyn Błonie
Autor Selina Hastings
Rok Wydania 2007
PrzedmiotNauczania Religia, etyka i religioznawstwo
Ilość stron 320
Format 154 x 173
Wydawnictwo Penguin