I Spy. Gra Planszowa

I spy with my little eye, two fantastic games to give children a head start when they begin school! Open little minds to first concepts, improve concentration skills and learn the alphabet in the blink of an eye. A whizzy game involving a double-sided circular playing board with a spinner. On one side play a fun I Spy game looking for colours and shapes, and on the other, spin to select a letter from the alphabet then play I Spy. Every time a player gets it right, they move a space, the first to reach finish is the winner! Perfect for 2 to 5 players, includes a double-sided circular board, plastic spinner, 1 die, 5 counters and 5 category cards.
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EAN 9781405316576
PrzedmiotNauczania Język angielski
Format 201 x 263
Wydawnictwo Dorling Kindersley