Form i fokus A

Pozycja w języku szwedzkim.

Form i fokus Three exercise books for Swedish grammar training from beginners' level. The books are intended for you who recently have begun your Swedish studies or who need a repetition of the basics of grammar. Form i fokus combines exercises with a thorough presentation of rules and structures. Each element is clarified by examples. The books contain exercises in everyday idiomatic language. They are quite varied, making grammar practice stimulating. Certain exercises are designed for creative writing.

Book A has a great number of illustrations to facilitate the learning process. Answers to the exercices in all three books are available separately. Form i focus A cd-rom offers students further opportunities to practise with the help of the computer.
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EAN 9789174343977
Autor Cecilia Fasth, Anita Kannermark
Rok Wydania 1996
PrzedmiotNauczania Język szwedzki